After a few false starts, and some trouble with formatting, I finally published my book, The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Straight, on Kindle.  I was shooting for my forty-fifth birthday, Sept. 17, and gosh-darn it if I didn’t make it two days earlier.  The first version that went up on Kindle only had two pages to it: OOPS! After some fiddling around, there is finally a good, clean full version of my novel on the Kindle site.  Nothing would tickle me more than if you wanted to download it and read it, because, GEEZ, i’ve been working on this thing for quite a while now.  It’s more than time for it to be out of my Dropbox account and in the hands of readers.  Hope you enjoy! Now back to writing book #2 of the Broom Closet Stories.


P.S. You don’t need to own a Kindle to read the e-book.  You just need to download the free Kindle app, and there you go! :)

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